The Mises Christ! blog is an outlet for the original, intelligible, and entertaining deliberations and diatribes of young, thoughtful millennials influenced by the liberal philosophical tradition and by the Austrian method of social sciences. A comical piece of expletive jargon born from a corrupted pronunciation of ‘Mises Kreis,’ Ludwig von Mises’s private seminars in the early twentieth century, our site name represents our belief that the best way to learn and grapple with new ideas is to have fun doing it—the way you do in a lively, open-minded argument with a good friend.

We hope that by presenting fresh, well-reasoned arguments peppered with sarcasm and humor our audience can enjoy bolstering their own assertions if they are fellow travelers, or understanding the way the opposition thinks if they are persuaded by the arguments of statists, interventionists, and their ilk. Regardless of your position, we hope you will engage us critically in the comment section.

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