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A Bad Argument against Open Borders

I have been quite busy lately and have not had much time for blogging, for which I am terribly sorry. But this morning I encountered a comments-section argument so poorly thought through that it compelled me to place my face in my hands for a few moments and weep, so I must say something. In […]

Cartelization and the State Against Workers

Anyone who has ever been masochistic enough to visit the Being Liberal Facebook page or the Yahoo! Answers politics section has undoubtedly been exposed to the profound and scathing critique that “libertarianism is just anarchy for rich people.” (Probably the only more pervasive one-line dismantlings of a philosophy are “Libertarians are just Republicans who want […]

Philosophical Lessons from The Pokémon Movie

I absolutely must begin this post by making clear that I will not argue that Pokémon: The First Movie is a libertarian film that affirms the nonaggression principle or the sanctity of voluntary interaction. Over the past year, for every blockbuster film released, I have seen some libertarian blogger arguing that the film in question’s […]

This Ain’t Your Dad’s Workers’ Revolution

In the last decade, technology has given rise to a new trend toward decentralization of means of production that threatens the firm grasp established producers hold over the economy. The proliferation of peer-to-peer and sharing economies has already shown its ability to disperse capital and produce more efficiently than large-scale firms. Taxicab companies the world […]

The Social Contract: A Convenient Fiction

Nothing is more useful to the State than the notion that its rule is justified. As governments cannot forever rule by force alone, it is expedient for them if their subjects sense an air of legitimacy about the prevailing political authority. Prudent governments and their champion intellectuals tell a story of how those in power […]

Tea Party Is Over in Ferguson: Big Government Means Police Brutality

When the Tea Party movement was at its pinnacle, there were a great number of signs to be seen bearing a particular quote raised in the air by middle-aged fists. The quote was a paraphrase of Thomas Jefferson: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” […]

If Bitcoin Is Not Money, What Is It?

Since Bitcoin got off the ground a few years ago, there have been squabbles among adherents of the Austrian school over whether the decentralized cryptocurrency is money, adding one more to the umpteen schisms already in the Austro–libertarian camp. Jeffrey Tucker is an unrelenting starry-eyed proponent of Bitcoin and considers it a way to live […]

Video Games and Empirical Tests of the Social Sciences

Days ago on Reddit, a user suggested testing the viability of anarchocapitalist theory with a microcosmic video game society and economy. The prospect of being able to test political, social and economic theories without risking devastation of quality of human life is an attractive one. The ability to test human interaction the same way we […]

Strategizing for Liberty: Is Every Reduction of the State Desirable?

In any ideological political movement, there is disagreement and debate over the best way to achieve the movement’s political goals. Some favor a Fabian-style gradualist approach, while others call for immediate revolution. For some, all lesser concerns take a backseat to the prime political goal, while others see importance in keeping a careful balance of […]

A Conflationist Trap: Both Right and Left are Wrong on Hobby Lobby

This past Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. that a company is not required to provide healthcare that covers the cost of contraception if this violates the religious beliefs of the company. Like clockwork, every possible communication medium has been swarmed with praise from the Right and objections from […]