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Sorry Gawker, Rioting Is Actually a Bad Thing

In what might just be the most desperate and absurd attempt to whitewash the Ferguson riots yet, Matt Bruenig of Gawker argues that rioting—“at the right levels”—is good. Granted, Bruenig does not parrot the destruction-drives-consumption talking points of charlatan—sorry, Keynesian—economist Paul Krugman. Instead, he chooses the somewhat more sophisticated, albeit far more absurd, argument that “rioting […]

Libertarians’ Image Problem

The so-called marketplace of ideas might be the only market that has been left relatively untouched by governments around the world. This rings especially true in the West. People can freely exchange thoughts and ideas with each other without the State interfering. Granted, of course, some ideas are directly and indirectly subsidized by the government, […]

The New York Times’ World Cup Pop Science

In a recent article published in The New York Times’ The Upshot section, Yale economist Dean Karlan outlines a utilitarian approach to World Cup rooting and, as it turns out, a specious argument for why one should root for Nigeria (or Brazil, Mexico or Ghana). Why anyone would decide which team to support based on utilitarian principles […]

The Jig Is Up: Natural Rights Do Not Exist

I am sorry, natural rights libertarians, but there is no such thing as an inherent, or natural, right. The notion that by virtue of being human, rights are given to us by our Creator, is, just as it sounds, religious and metaphysical hogwash and no base on which to organize society. For too long has […]